That’s a Lot of Lutefisk! Inside Zygi Wilf’s $19 M. Valhalla


  1. NL says:

    It seems like the writer has a personal vandata against Mr wilf and it is not because he paid 19 million $ for this appartment.
    Many other people bought appartments in NYC for more money and did not get this type of slander in our Capitalistic socity.
    The language that was used to discribe Mr wilf and his new place is degrading and un called for, of course unless there is a personal dislike.


    1. Jenna says:

      Unless you live in Minnesota where Mr. Wilf is trying to get us the minnesotans to give billions of dollars to keep his crappy team here then you have no room to take. If he can afford $19 million in cash for a place to live then he can afford to fork out more if not all the money for the stadium that he wants.  He thinks he makes all the rules here and he doesn’t. So I don’t think there is a personal vandata, it just comes down to he is a tightwad and wants us (even if we can’t afford to) support him and make him money. It’s not happening

      1. Charterdoc says:

        Every year, millions of taxpayer dollars are poured into stadiums, hockey rinks, baseball parks all over the country.  It is no different in Minnesota.  Its bothersome that Minnesotans, as a whole, are making the like look ignorant regarding the whole stadium debacle.  While there are many Minnesotans that oppose the stadium to save a few bucks on their taxes, there are just as many Minnesotans that quietly support the move and for good reason.  Have you ever been inside that stadium?  It is a disaster waiting to happen.  Very inaccessible and narrow, the place is a giant fire hazard.  Imagine having to evacuate quickly in case of an emergency.  Not happening.  God forbid the chaos that could have emerged if the roof collapse happened during a game causing people rushing out in a panic.  Then Mr. Wilf would have been criticized for not pushing hard enough for a new stadium earlier. 

        Didn’t we learn anything from the bridge collapse?  We Minnesotans are know for frugality but this is plain greedy.  At least the owners are willing to put a huge chunk of their own money into a new stadium rather than fit the bill completely to the taxpayer which is usually the case.  This whole situation is completely shameful.  The owners have every right to move the team out of Minnesota over this.  And if they do, I’ll be right behind them!

      2. Carl says:

        As a Viking fan, the issue for many of us is how this is done and how much public money Wilf wants and how little Wilf is putting financially into the project.   He is asking for over $700 million from the public for about a $1.1 billion dollar stadium.  The public amount is the MOST asked for by any team and he has the GALL to tell us where the stadium has to be Arden Hills so he can make more moneying on PARKING and his real estate.   It is estimated that Wilf is giving personally about $170 million (only about 9 times more than) this home with the rest coming from the NFL & naming rights.    My attitude is $300 million Public Money which we can probably cost justify and if you want to build the Taj Mahal then poney up $800 million.

  2. Mmcelroy888 says:

    Calling Minneapolis/St. Paul the “backwoods of the Midwest” is quite condescending, to say the least.  That area is an amazing, progressive metro area.