The Murray Hill Ingenue’s Dream Gig: Yes, Bergdorf Goodman is Hiring a Social Media Coordinator

bergdorf goodman The Murray Hill Ingenues Dream Gig: Yes, Bergdorf Goodman is Hiring a Social Media Coordinator

Is this your (social media) dream job? Beware the wrath of Muffie Von Tupperware.

Why, exactly, does Bergdorf Goodman need a Social Media Coordinator? Well, why does anyone need hot pink $595 Brian Atwood Florescent Platform Pumps? The answer to both is because they do, is why.

But if you’re seriously wondering what one of the most high-end stores in the known world is doing looking to use social media ostensibly to move merchandise that most of the known social media-using world can’t afford, you’re not insane. That, we can tell you. It seems like the kind of thing Bergdorf is doing reflexively—maybe at the behest of pursestrings—rather than out of a sincere desire to engage with The Internet and yield Significant Results.

Certainly, somebody totally proficient could help increase the brand awareness of Bergdorf, but that seems less likely to result in more sales and more likely to result in gawky tourist customers trying on $4,000 endangered leopard coats for fun. And yet, not only do they already have a Social Media Manager, but they’re hiring a Social Media Coordinator.

Job requirements:

  • Familiarity with working on a Mac
  • Knowledge of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare, Tumblr) blog publishing tools (WordPress & Photoshop), Google Analytics and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Excellent written communication is essential.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Strong organization/planning skill. Individual must have ability to multitask.
  • Basic photography skills
  • Education or experience in journalism is preferred.
  • Familiarity with Bergdorf Goodman & BGs Social Media presence preferred

Basically, you have to be a sentient human being who understands how Twitter works, with some modicum of intelligence, and maybe you’ve read some international editions of Vogue. Also, you must be able to “Assist with monitoring & answering customer service questions,” because surely, like an airline, Bergdorf gets a lot of customer feedback over Twitter. POP QUIZ, HOT SHOT: Muffie Von Tupperware @’s you with a complaint about the tailoring on her $9,000 dragon skin Vera Wang gown on the night of the Met’s Costume Ball. What do you do?

If you know the answer to this question, really enjoy Keith McNally restaurants, and have at least three seasons of/both movies from the Sex and the City franchise committed to memory, by all means, vaya con dios.