The Pitch, Episode Five: WanderPlayer – Get Your Game On

Like the personal computer before it, smartphone usage is booming around the globe. In this episode, we meet WanderPlayer, a company that transforms a smartphone into a mobile controller for video games. It features Ayo Omojola, co-founder and CEO of WanderPlayer,

Both Ayo and his brother Femi, a co-founder on WanderPlayer, share the entrepreneurship gene. While Ayo graduated with a Bachelor’s and MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Femi spent time at at Microsoft and the MIT Media Lab after graduating from MIT.

The company’s vision is expansive. Instead of buying an expensive Xbox console, users just whip out their smartphones and download a browser-based game they can play on any internet-connected screen, be it a computer or television. Wanderplayer operates the marketplace for these games and takes a cut of sales or ad revenue.

Ben gets his game on and is loving the product, but he and Jordan are having a tough time seeing how the business model works. Will they give WanderPlayer a chance to show they’re more than fun and games?

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