Tyler Green to Start ‘Fresh Air’-Style Podcast for the Art World

Mr. Green (Photo courtesy of The Boston Globe)

Tyler Green, the proprietor of the Modern Art Notes blog announced this morning that he will be starting a podcast. Launching next week, the MAN Podcast will update weekly and Mr. Green wrote that he hopes the show becomes “a sort of ‘Fresh Air’-for-art, a weekly program similar in tone and breadth to NPR’s flagship interview program.”

“I think I can attract top-notch guests and that I can shut up long enough to let them be interesting,” Mr. Green told Gallerist via email. “I’ve been doing MAN for a decade now, long enough that even a pygymy shrew could build a Rolodex, right?”

To say nothing of one of the few people who knows how to blog about the art world! Mr. Green’s first guest will be the artist Chris Burden, who recently made waves at Pacific Standard Time. Watch your back, Terry Gross!