VYou Makes Crowdsourced Video Montage of Occupy Wall Street

VYou, the New York-based video question-and-answer site, just created a group question — “How do we create equality between all people?” — aimed at Occupy Wall Street. Video responses were gathered downtown using VYou’s mobile app, with VYou-sters grabbing testimonies from campers or responding to the question themselves. Any user can answer the question, although the responses are curated by VYou. Read More


  1. I would like to comment about the current condition of the american economy. This is one of the hardest periods in the countries history. Their does not seem to be any consensus about the trends for the economy one week the economic news is good the next week its bad. Their seems to be no consistency what so ever when it comes to economic matters. Mcdonald’s recently hired fifty or sixty thousand people out of one million that applied maybe mcdonald’s should change their saying you deserve a break today at mcdonald’s to you deserve a job today at mcdonald’s. As far as those banksters go down on wall street.  I say lets exchange those three piece suits and briefcases for a pick’ a shovel’ a bucket’ and some pinstripes.