Wednesday: Media Misses

Jane Fonda

Wednesday has come again and you’re hoping to have a girl’s night out. You’re thinking some good laughs and gossip over cocktails, but your friends have something more involved in mind. They’re sauntering down to the Women’s Media Awards tonight and, hating to be left out, you agree to join them. The event is a feminist’s wet dream (work that one out for yourself), with she-greats from Gloria Steinem to Jane Fonda slated to attend. You can ask Sheryl Sandberg how she really feels about Mark Zuckerberg and sit down for some girl talk with Soledad O’Brien. Emceed by Wanda Sykes, you’ll get a few laughs in at the male of the species’ expense. You go, girlfriends!

Women’s Media Awards, Tribeca Three Sixty, 10 Desbrosses Street, 6:30 p.m.; tickets, from $450, available by calling Elise Newman
at 212-721-4071.