Why NOT Invest in Dinosaurs?

As the fall auction season winds down with the last major contemporary sale at Sotheby’s tonight, we thought, for the sake of perspective, it might be useful to take a step back and look at the broader auction market. Who, for example, is buying dinosaurs right now? Do you even know?A stellar story from Bloomberg today begins with a representative from the S&P saying that dinosaur fossils and bones are a terrible investment. Segue seemlessly into a semi-serious analysis of the market for dinosaur bones (hey, Nicholas Cage bought a T-Rex skull for $276,000, once), and it’s a piece for the ages:

“’There’s never been a fossilized penis or vagina found on a dinosaur,’ [a dealer] says. ‘The first person who finds one is going to make bundles of cash, but who knows how much,’ says [another dealer]”

So for our regular readers, the dinosaur penis would be roughly equivalent to an early Picasso that turns up in the estate of a woman who was the artist’s secret lover and received the painting directly from him, with documentation that proves everything. All clear? Dinosaur penis means big money.