Writers Plan to Reoccupy and Restock the People’s Library Tonight

Zuccotti Park is still barricaded off and its reopening depends on a forthcoming decision by a Manhattan judge. Regardless of the outcome, book lovers are planning to gather in Liberty Plaza* with books in hand at 6:00 p.m. tonight to rebuild the People’s Library.

“Authors will bring their books, readers will bring their favorite books to donate and together we will rebuild to create the revolution this country needs,” says a post on the People’s Library blog.

The fate of the 5,000 library books donated to the Occupy Wall Street library is not entirely certain but eyewitnesses reported the books were thrown into a dumpster. And, as librarian Mandy Henk wrote us, “if the Kitchen and the Library were in the same dumpster, the books are gone.  Sigh.”

More details of tonight’s gathering are here. [*UPDATE: The Facebook page notes the location might change. Currently it is listed as Foley Square instead of Liberty Plaza]