Zygi Wilf Becomes Most Hated Man in Minnesota After Buying Park Avenue Penthouse

zygistardust Zygi Wilf Becomes Most Hated Man in Minnesota After Buying Park Avenue PenthouseJust as The Observer was writing up the news of Zygi Wilf’s brand spanking new $19 million condo, the Minnesota Vikings owner was sending emissaries down to the capitol in St. Paul to request millions in taxpayer dollars to help fund a new stadium for the abominable team. His timing was as bad as late-career Brett Favre.

Mr. Wilf has become quite possibly one of the most hated men in the land of 10,000 lakes, an impressive feat in a place where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average. From ice-fishing outposts on Lake Minnetonka to the holiday crowds at the Mall of America, fingers are wagging in Mr. Wilf’s direction.

Minnesotans have taken to various message boards and networking sites to express their frustration with Mr. Wilf’s latest real estate deal (he made his money building developments in 39 states). #Wilfare has become a common topic on Twitter with fans furious that Mr. Wilf would demand taxpayers foot the bill for his expensive new stadium while simultaneously indulging in multimillion dollar real estate splurges on the other side of the country.

One Minnesotan offered friendly advice for Mr. Wilf on Twitter: “Pro Tip: Don’t buy a $19 million home while begging the public for hundreds of millions in stadium subsidies.” Fair enough. Others, however, were less civil. “What was the state contribution?” some asked sarcastically of the eight figure apartment purchase. The Observer even got a call from The Star-Tribune, as the local daily is hot on the news of Mr. Wilf’s purchase—which, if it was not enough of an insult, appears to have been made all in cash. That could have paid for an entire locker room, with a goalpost or two thrown in.

Not to worry. Should the insults and threats become too intense, there is a certain four-bedroom hideaway high above Park Avenue that Mr. Wilf could escape to.

Take a tour of Zygi Wilf’s $19M palatial pad [PICTURES]>>>



  1. MinneapolisPurple says:

    The Star Tribune is just mad their only valuable asset (their land in Minneapolis near the dome) is going to plummet in value one the Vikings leave whether it be to the northern suburbs or LA.  At this point it seems like the Star Tribune would prefer LA.

  2. Ed Kohler says:

    Good follow-up piece. Surprisingly, many Minnesotans don’t yet know that Zygi Wilf doesn’t actually live in Minnesota. That ignorance was working in Wilf’s favor. Now that people are learning that Wilf plans on taking Minnesota taxpayer dollars out of state, his Wilfare demands are going to be even harder to justify.

    1. Ulysses says:

      Actually a lot of people know that zygi doesn’t live in minnesota, and a lot of people know that the wilfs are actually the some of the best owners in sports.  If the vikings move they will bring the state down im more ways then people imagine, not only will we lose millions of dollars in taxes from player salaries and from concessions but with out the vikings Minneapolis looks less appealing to potential companies looking to move here.  And if anyone says we wont hut from missed money from the vikings look at the short time we have been in a NBA lock out and the amount of money Minneapolis has lost from not having the TIMBERWOLVES a team most people dont even know is still pro.

      1. Ed Kohler says:

        Vikings arrests have gone up while Zygi Wilf has been owner. In fact, the Vikings are #1 in the NFL for player arrests. 

        Are you honestly suggesting that NFL teams are critical to being a major league city? If so, explain Green Bay, Buffalo, or Detroit. 

        Many companies want to move places where taxes are affordable. They’ll be less affordable if the state is on the hook for $50 million/yr in debt payments over the next few decades.

        That said, if YOU believe a stadium is a good investment, write Zygi a check. He may be short on cash after dropping $19 million on his new New York City pad.

      2. Joe Leuer says:

        I hope they build a stadium, and I hope they raise everyones taxes to do it!  Move to North Dakota or Iowa if you don’t like it.

      3. Cpbarbershop says:

        Or just move to WI, and love a winning team!

  3. Sean Ryan says:

    Uh, the lakes aren’t frozen yet. No ‘ice fishing outposts’ until January.

  4. This, combined with today’s news on the state budget (namely, bad) is why Zygi ain’t getting any #wilfare from us.    He was hoping to get the deal done before the budget forecast came out; now, he’s going to have to content  himself with redoing the Metrodome to add a few more luxury boxes.

  5. Guest says:

    He owns other buisnesses other than the Vikings- I am confused what this has to do with buying a personal home.

    1. Ed Kohler says:

      Rather than using profits from other businesses to fund capital improvements for a new stadium for the Vikings, he’s demanding the public take on $50 million/yr in debt payments on his behalf. An amount that is far more than the revenue the Vikings generate for the state.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He is already spending the
    big windfall dollars he expects to get after we give him a stadium. The Vikings are a
    very private company and need to be treated just like any other private
    company. No welfare using public money.  If Wilf builds the stadium the state will still get the tax
    revenue.  If he moves the horrible Vikings there
    is always TV.  Both options at no risk to
    the publics money.  Enough of this sports franchise blackmail. 

    1. Tsvikakohl says:

      Well…..he can take it to LA ….and then what would you said?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Then I say good bye.  We were able to live without the North Stars and we can accomplish the same without the Vikings.  If cities and states start to say NO pretty soon the sports franchises will run out of cities big enough to fund their out of control industry and they will have to fund their own industry just like all other private industry.  Private is the key word.  The public has no business funding private businesses.

  7. Joe Leuer says:

    As a Minnesotan I can say that I don’t care.  I hope and want a new stadium to be built.  But, If Zygi wants to buy a condo in NYC good for him.  I know he has money, I know he didn’t live in Minnesota.  Considering that Zygi has been willing to spend money to try and get a good team here in Minnesota I don’t hate him and you know what, most Minnesotans don’t either.

  8. Tlnelson says:

    Hit the road and don,t let the door hit you in the xxx . Ton

  9. Rich Held says:

    ” … where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”  LOL I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life (though all things being equal I’d rather be on a trip across South Dakota bound for Paha Sapa) and I’ve never heard us described like that! :-)
    Seriously, though, I am indeed waving my finger at him, the greedy yahoo.  Keep your hand out of the taxpayer’s pocket, man! 

  10. TwinCities says:

    Go Los Angeles Vikings… and take the Timberwolves with you.

    1. Pissed Off Rochester Taxpayer says:

      And I say good riddance as well.  Why should those of us who don’t even use the stadium have to invest our tax dollars when we don’t use it?  Hell, I don’t even like football.  People take it far too serious.  It is only a game!

  11. pren says:

    For the record, joe mauer is the most hated man in mn.  wilf is just bluster, empty threats, and big fat “L’s”, just like the last owner was.