Looking Back on 2011 With 15 Artworks, and Some Signs, That Feature Text

Words printed on paintings, scrawled on signs and carved into vegetables

The year is almost over, and Gallerist is reflecting on what has occurred, readying ourselves for the new year. Last week, we summarized some of 2011’s major events and hazarded guesses about the future. This week, we will be taking more detailed and—in some cases—more subjective views on the state of the art world in a series of slide shows.

Today, we look back on the year’s developments, through artworks and signs that featured text. A bevy of artists made art with words this year, and plenty more protestors—including some from the art world—filled signs with messages. One is almost tempted to declare it a trend. But, this being The Observer, we will just note that it was powerful, and leave it at that.

Click the slide show above to view 15 text pieces from 2011. All photos by Andrew Russeth.

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