Everybody Just Tickled by Ryan Trecartin’s Basel Contest

Ryan Trecartin, with his collaborators Lizzie Fitch and DIS magazine, hosted a Kim Kardashian look-a-like contest the last night of Basel and the Internet, with a love of everything cheeky and everything Kardashian, was naturally delighted.

The idea was simple—the woman who showed up to the Mondrian Hotel, and looked and acted the most like Kim Kardashian, won a cash prize of $1,000. At the moment, Paper magazine wins the prize for best coverage, if only for featuring the quote below.

“The contest began with PS1’s Klaus Biesenbach chastising a rowdy crowd. ‘Can you just shut up?’ he demanded.”

The photos are worth scoping if only for the woman who came dressed as Barbara Kruger’s W cover featuring a nude Kim. That contestant’s outfit even featured the floating coverlines: “It’s all about me/ I mean you/ I mean me.”