A Margin of Error: Times Critic Publishes Idle Thoughts

ffmarginalia 06 md A Margin of Error: Times Critic Publishes Idle ThoughtsCritics earn paychecks (small ones) because readers value (sort of) their expert opinions. But sometimes critics do self-important things. Sam Anderson, critic at large of The New York Times Magazine, just published his selected marginalia of 2011.

Mr. Anderson’s selected comments include such compelling insights as, on page 510 of Bleak House, by Charles Dickens, “LOL” and, on a line from Ann Carson’s poem “God’s Justice,” “LOL.”

On page 7 of The Luzhin Defense, by Vladimir Nabokov, Mr. Anderson writes, “Oh please sometimes I hate Nabok.”

“Oh please” indeed.


  1. Louise says:

    Funny.  LOL:  that’s kind of how I feel about The New York Times Magazine in general since Hugego LindGrin took over and most of his writers in particular.  Oh please, indeed.  If they were any more full of  themselves, they’d be Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons.  

  2. Guest says:

    “New York Magazine book reviewer Sam Anderson shared a selection of the notes he made in books over the past year for The Millions’ Year in Reading feature and the result is thoroughly amusing. As he says in his introduction, “it’s the most intimate, complete, and honest form of criticism possible.”
    Dan Duray, NYO 2010
    So last year’s amusing is this year’s self-importance? Awesome ‘critical’ thinking, Emily.