A One Sentence Review of Lola Schnabel's Paintings at the Hole

lola e1324314855727 A One Sentence Review of Lola Schnabel's Paintings at the Hole

Ms. Schnabel.

After we overheard Artnet critic Charlie Finch shouting at Salman Rushdie, “Christopher Hitchens is dead! Are you sad?” and watched well-dressed young people sipping mulled wine; after Jonas Mekas videotaped Lola Schnabel, who was wearing some kind of furry animal-print number, talking with her father (in a double-breasted suit jacket and unwashed pajama bottoms) in a cordoned-off room filled with her paintings, which were like her father’s only much worse,  Ms. Schnabel finally told Gallerist, with no small amount of venom, “I’m not talking.”


  1. L David says:

    This is one of the best articles ever written. Ever.

  2. Powderkeg1948 says:

    Faulkner would be proud.

  3. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU for not showing an image of Julian as described. No needles handy to stick in my eyes!

  4. Joanne Mattera says:

    I have nothing to say.

    1. Claire Lieberman says:

      But you say it so well!

  5. Joanne Mattera says:

    I have nothing to say.

  6. Farrell Brickhouse says:

    Nice painting for a young painter, it must be quite a challenge being the daughter of such a father and an easy target despite the perks, but judging the work on its own merit- I like this painting and what it champions. We don’t get to choose our parents and who wouldn’t accept any attention given them. Lighten up.

  7. Stanleysomers says:

    I dont care how much she loves her father, she needs to change her name if she wants to be an artist, we only need to think about the work, not the baggage

    1. Takewalkonwildside says:

      This is very shalow what you sad, she has as a person absolute right for her identity who she is and can be proud or not for this part. There is only your problem to delute what you mixup. Also her background doesen’t change real quality of her work.

  8. Sandy Cheeks says:

    spoild poser, riding marginally-talented daddy’s coattails.

  9. Hgallucio says:

    daddy has the the depth of a drunk cat and it wouldn’t even make good wallpaper.i see a lot of wallpaper.she should get the pajamas and keep rolling.

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