A Piece of Work: Watching Bravo’s Art Reality Show So You Don’t Have To – Episode 7

“I like how this challenge is so open like you could do whatever you want,” Ms. Matson said, acting as so many artists have throughout history, and buttering up her patrons. When The Observer spoke to her after the show, however, and asked if she didn’t, in the end, think there might be something limiting about the task of making art to suit the automotive-manufacturing sponsors of the reality show you’re on, she replied, “In the back of my mind there was always the thought of, ‘Oh, shit. I can’t let on that I hate cars …’”

CONCLUSION: The only thing more valuable than the deals we got on Black Friday is the lesson that, in an art world financed by business magnates and corporations, it’s important to understand who decides which artists become great, and which are eliminated from the running. Especially if the corporation in question happens to be one of the carmakers that once built vehicles for Mussolini and the Nazis, and now hosts authorized production facilities in North Korea and Pakistan.