A Tech Lovers Gift Guide: Made In New York Edition

  • You’re on the hunt for some great gadgets and apps this holiday season, but want to support your local Silicon Alley entrepreneurs. Never fear, Betabeat is here, with a list of tech toys made in the Big Apple.


  • The ultimate toy for the DIY nerd in your life, the Makerbot 3-D printer is lovingly crafted in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

  • Dresses that expand and contract to fit your situation, glow in the dark to stand out from the crowd and other hi-tech fashion from Diana Eng.

  • Local startup Chloe and Isabel is looking to put a new spin on e-commerce by building a network of young retailers who tap the social graph for their online stores. All the jewlery is also made right here in Tribeca.

  • The products themselves may come from all over the world, but you can support this amazing New York based startup, Shapeways, buy purchasing one of their incredible 3D printed objects.

  • The best in breed internet television. Avner Ronen's Boxee makes a slick unit that turns your TV into an easy to use portal to the web, with apps from Netflix, Pandora and MLB.