Andrew Wylie Character on The Good Wife of No Relation to That Other Andrew Wylie

Andrew Wylie is not the namesake of Andrew Wylie.

On the CBS show The Good Wife there is a character named Andrew Wylie. Played by the actor Tim Guinee, the character is a private investigator hired by the state attorney’s office to cause some drama by casually revealing past love affairs to all the wrong people and reviving dormant scandals. An inciter of barely suppressed gasps and sobs. But could it really be just a coincidence that he shares a name with a certain literary agent?

We called the show’s spokesman, who left us a message saying that the Andrew Wylie on the show is not named for Andrew Wylie, the prominent New York literary agent. Mr. Wylie (the real one) did not respond to an e-mail requesting comment.

We looked at the list of The Good Wife’s writers, but none of them appear on the Wiley Agency’s lengthy client list. So that settles it — at least until they refer to the TV version of Andrew Wylie as “the jackal.”