Does Santa Have an Android Bias? Google Claims 3.7 M. Activations Over the Weekend

Google senior vice president Andy Rubin happily tweeted out some holiday cheer this morning: “There were 3.7M Android devices activated on 12/24 and 12/25.” It was an update on another bit of pre-Christmas good news, namely that more than 700,000 Android devices are now activated everyday.

Yesterday, Venturebeat shared statistics from the app analytics company Flurry that activations for Android and iOS devices shot up to 6.8 million on Christmas day. It’s not yet clear whether Apple or Google can claim more activations, but it’s more evidence that of that unflashy eventual market dominance Android fans keep promising will come.

But before Rubin & Co. throw back the eggnog to celebrate getting closer to the 1 million activations/day goal, don’t forget about the children. In November, Nielsen reported that 44 percent of kids ages six to 12 asked for an iPad for Christmas, making it the most desirable gift this year.