Art Writers Grant Program Rewards 23 Writers in 2011

awpg Art Writers Grant Program Rewards 23 Writers in 2011 The Arts Writers Grant Program has awarded a total of $565,000 to 23 writers in its 2011 cycle. The program is meant to encourage thoughtful writing about contemporary art.

The recipients range from bloggers to authors. Claudia La Rocco of the New York Times was awarded for The Performance Club blog, which she started while she was the cultural critic for New York Public Radio. Jane McFadden received a grant to work on her book, There and Not There: Walter de Maria, which will focus on de Maria’s overlooked work in music, photography and film. Other grantees include Sohrab Mohebbi for his blog Presence Documents and Jason Farago for Art in Common (Mr. Farago was also the editor of “Bulge,” a newspaper that accompanied the excellent Peter Nadin show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise earlier this year).

Read the full list here.


  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s “blog”, not bog. Don’t expect Michael Miller to win an arts writers grant anytime soon.

  2. CGBSpender says:

    “The Bugle” not “Bulge”