Ashton Kutcher Follows Paul Graham’s Lead: Takes His Domains Off GoDaddy to Protest SOPA

screen shot 2011 12 23 at 12 17 06 pm e1324660664882 Ashton Kutcher Follows Paul Grahams Lead: Takes His Domains Off GoDaddy to Protest SOPARedditors can now count a sitcom star among their ranks, well sort of. As we told you yesterday, a Redditor named self-prodigy started a grassroots campaign to punish GoDaddy for supporting SOPA (the draconian, Internet-destroying Stop Online Piracy Act) by urging others to switch their domains to a different provider. Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh followed suite and now it seems even newbie tech investors have joined the fray.

@aplusk just tweeted out: “I am moving my domains off of @Godaddy due to their support for #SOPA. Paul Graham is also doing the right thing (cc @paulg)”

We all know what a tweet from Ashton can do to promote a brand, but can an Ashton sanction pull it under?