‘Best Practices’ list released for towns on calendar-year budget

TRENTON – The administration has released its list of towns that are achieving property tax relief.

This is the second year of the Christie administration’s so-called Best Practices Checklist that shows what New Jersey’s 545 municipalities that operate on a calendar-year budget are doing to maximize public funds.

Municipal governments had to meet an established percentage of the checklist items in order to receive all or part of their final state aid payment, according to Christie’s office.

More than 98 percent of the towns received scores that earned them their full aid payment.

The checklist included 50 questions on a variety of areas, including health insurance, public safety, budget preparation, energy, and personnel.

“The Best Practices Initiative is an effective way to encourage municipalities to consider, embrace and implement a wide range of procedures and protocols that will help improve financial accountability and transparency that will inevitably lead to savings for property taxpayers,” Christie said in a release.

CY 2011 Best Practice Results Scoresheet

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