Columnist Adam Lindemann Responds to the Critics of "Occupy Art Basel Miami Beach, Now!"

My recent New York Observer article “Occupy Art Basel Miami Beach, Now!” has upset some people in the art world, including certain dealers, collectors, writers and especially the Art Basel company. The piece was intended to stimulate dialogue and it certainly did, though I regret that much of the irony was lost on some. Yes, I began my article by saying, “I’m not going to Art Basel Miami Beach this year.” Yes, I then attended the fair. I decided that I once again wanted to see for myself the direction in which things were moving in Miami, and my observations last week only reconfirmed the points I made in my article. Truth be told, we are all complicit in the art market in one way or another, and so to accuse and attack as if one were “holier than thou” is the role of a real hypocrite—it’s pointless and it’s not even funny.  My message regarding art fairs is nothing new. I’ve been writing that the Miami fair is out of control for three years now and I want to thank those who are reading and seriously considering the validity and evident timeliness of my views. With respect to Jerry Saltz of New York magazine and reality television fame, I’ve done nothing to warrant his hyper-personalized attack. Nonetheless I apologize to any and all of you who in sympathy with him have taken offense, and so that we may be friends again I promise that I will never attend another art fair, buy another work of art or express my views in print.


  1. Selin says:

    How sad. As if your have given up your holly books! Jerry did this to you? Shame on you Jerry!

    1. Krj says:

      Art collectors should bypass art dealers since most have huge markups & don’t contribute to the art. Buy direct & deal with artists that create great works that you like, You can’t go wrong.

  2. matsonjones says:

    I would be happy if you simply chose to “…never…express my views in print…” again, as you state above.

    But I assume, as you did with your ‘…I’m not going to Art Basel Miami Beach – oh, whoops, I was being ‘ironic’ – I DID go to Art Basel Miami Beach…’ bit, that your claim above is also ‘ironic’ as well.

    And that is a shame. I hope that’s a promise, and not just an ironic comment.

  3. Jerryskids says:

    How long will this “promise” last? I appreciate your humility but am suspect of your sincerity. Try not to be another idiotic blogger. After all you went to Yale. Show us that your attitude isn’t because of how successful your father is. Larry Salander had a similar holier than thou attitude. Nobody is perfect (Jerry and this writer included). Try not to be such an ass in public when you have the ability to make a difference in so many ways.

    1. Jackhanley says:

      these are the real Jerry’s kids

  4. Katie Rushh says:

    Stop being a little bitch and get over yourself

  5. alana bograd says:

    boo hoo

  6. Justintwn57 says:

    you sure did do something that warrented Saltzs attack…you out debated him in 2009 via: “THE ART MARKET IS LESS ETHICAL THAN THE STOCK MARKET”

  7. Surprisesatinfinity says:

    You are a despicable piece of work, worthy of hanging in a permanent gallery so future generations will be able gawk and wonder how monsters like you once existed in reality and not just in the imagination of a deranged creator.

  8. zedmund says:

    Poor diddums!

  9. Donald says:

    Interesting. Swift sure was a genius, still arguing over which end of the egg to break open, not realizing the whole thing started rotting 50 years ago.

  10. StacyLeigh says:

    you’re spoiled!

  11. Priscila1111 says:

    AEC….what kind of a joke is that???…”ethical”, so what is next Lindmann…are you going to regulate my canvas? Funny how artists aren’t as well dressed as these art dealer who are making millions in the art market with insider trades. Now all of a sudden you want to regulate the art world. You sound more like an economist than an art enthusiast collector.

  12. Isaroche75 says:

    wah wah wah. you’re such a (boring) (hypocritical) baby. go back to florida and reading derrida for rich dummies on your private beach. rich people can be okay. but rich boring dummies, not so much.

  13. “Me important!”

  14. ALfanclub says:

    this is just ridiculous…

  15. rob strati says:

    awkward, but you did have some good ideas in terms of visiting artist’s studios – maybe focus on that and move in that direction…it might bring things to a more grounded place.

  16. Lemon345 says:

    You must be as desensitized to the toxic
    obnoxiousness you exude as someone who can no longer
    smell his own B.O.

  17. Anonymous says:

    You do not have to apologize for the piece you wrote. It was dead-on. Of course that made a lot of folks unhappy, because the truth hurts. They teamed up and sort of pushed you into writing an apology. You don’t have to apologize for anything. They should apologize for having to resort to intellectual terrorism to quell remarks they deem inappropriate. You have all our sympathy. They do not.

    1. Curious says:

      Are you Adam’s mom?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow! What an overwhelmingly brilliant writer! What wondrous good works did the readers of the Observer perform in a past lifetime, that we might be blessed with the thoughts that flow from Adam Lindemann’s pen like expensive Champagne down the curvaceous body of a Stephanie Seymour-shaped ice sculpture at a Miami Basel after-after-pre-party?

    How long must we waste away here, tearing out our hair and rending our garments, until light breaks through the clouds again in the form of more blessed scripture from the pen of Lindemann? Will any of us ever forget the day and time when we first saw the headline appear in our feed, that Lindemann’s silence would be broken for the universal benefit of mankind?

    The writing of art collectors, to cite Samuel Johnson on women’s preaching, is like a dog walking on its hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.

  19. guester says:

    You will never buy another work of art? Really? That does prove your commitment doesn’t it?

  20. Sean R Robinson says:

    Actually, it would make more sense for you to just go ahead and kill yourself after liquidating all your assets and giving them away, rather than whining about how dreary the way you’ve decided to fritter away your unearned wealth has become.

    You know, from any sort of moral stand point. The world longs for your obsolescence and would certainly not mourn your passing. Well, unless you took the extra step of murdering your friends, I guess. That would certainly garner you a bit of positive press. Don’t forget to off yourself after, though, or the gesture would be ruined.