Construction at Hotel Chelsea Gets Dirty: Workers Throw Punches, Tenants Antagonize

Construction works at the Hotel Chelsea have gone from defacing the historic building to getting in the face of its tenants. A resident of the big red lady got more than he bargained when he tried to film non-union workers doing construction on the premises, DNAinfo reports.

The resident, identified by the N.Y.P.D. as Arthur Nash, went into the building with two union representatives and his girlfriend who filmed as the situation rapidly deteriorated. The non-unionized workers allegedly shoved Mr. Nash, continuing to assault him outside the building, and finally smashing his girlfriend’s camera.

Mr. Nash brought the union reps to the site to observe unsafe working conditions. Oh, the irony! By the looks of it, he and his union pals were the ones without the hardhats.

The hotel’s security guards were nowhere to be found during the incident, and Mr. Nash told The Real Deal the security guards are mostly just there to intimidate the residents.

The famed hotel has been marred in controversy since it’s new owner, the mysterious Joseph Chetrit, bought the place over the summer and began renovating it. Artsy folk from Janis Joplin to Bob Dylan have called the Chelsea home, but the new management would rather everybody cleared out.