Bloomberg's Girlfriend Diana Taylor Threatens to Resign From Sotheby's Board If Teamsters' Demands Are Met (Video)

But what of her role on Brookfield Properties' board of directors?

130262619 Bloomberg's Girlfriend Diana Taylor Threatens to Resign From Sotheby's Board If Teamsters' Demands Are Met (Video)

Diana Taylor and Mayor Bloomberg. (Getty)

Diana Taylor, the partner of Mayor Mike Bloomberg and a member of the board at Sotheby’s, confronted locked-out Teamsters Local 814 and Occupy Wall Street members during a December 1st meeting Hudson River Park Trust (for which Ms. Taylor is chairwoman on the board of directors).

She did not react well to their intrusion…in fact, she threatened to resign if Sotheby’s CEO Bill Ruprecht “accedes to any of your demands.”

The locked-out art handlers have made several attempts to shame Sotheby’s into responding to their demands, but considering Ms. Taylor’s relationship with the mayor, the art auction house, and Brookfield Properties (for which she’s also on the board of directors), this is perhaps the most inflammatory response the Teamsters could have hoped for.

Now a group calling themselves Teamsters Joint Council 16 are demanding that Ms. Taylor resigns from her chair position at the Hudson River Park Trust unless she apologizes for her comments…or else be ousted by Governor Andrew Cuomo.


  1. So clear how perverse the rich are, no need to go to the French Revolution, but we do have to be clear that our misery has been, over thousands years, their success….

  2. Jemima says:

    I never realised that the Mayor was so diminutive.

    1. debonair says:

      He’s standing in a hole.

      1. old retired guy says:

        No, he’s standing next to one!

  3. Love it.  “If you get your way, I’ll quit!” “We don’t like you anyway!”

    1. Guest says:

      I ‘ ll take my ‘toys’ and go home….WAAHHH

  4. Amplexuslotus says:

    Yeah. They’re {politicians} all diminutive. If not in stature then in their thinking and heart. Napoleon lives on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    she’s tone deaf.  wow.

  6. Mbloomberg says:


    1. NuWAYNER says:

       Ya …those Union thugs just strong armed the hell out of her….should have walked up,   hat in hand…downcast eyes…asked for some more porridge at the orphanage

  7. Doug says:

    shame on her

  8. Nycbev85 says:

    What’s with these rich ? Have they no shame? Is it all about entitlement to them?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Resign girlie, no one is indispensible.
    The world won’t stop turning.

  10. Rjwtrader says:

    The Teamsters are bunch clown’s
    This guy makes $75 an hour for work he should be paid $10
    If his dad was not “connected”  he would be flipping Pizza’s in Staten Island where he undoubtedly lives

    1. billdwyer says:

      Only a wall st guy like you would think it was smart to have a guy making 10 bucks an hour handling million dollar pieces of art. DUH! It’s amazing how you think you’re worth what you get but nobody else is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Oh, please punish us all, Diana Taylor, by quitting. Quit Brookfield too. This will allow you to accompany His Big Ego and his own army on a little excursion to Waterloo.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Now I know why Mike won’t run for POTUS.

  13. Dkb says:

    A beard is a beard Ms Diana is.