Folk Art Museum Announces First Lincoln Square Show

111194656 Folk Art Museum Announces First Lincoln Square Show

A recent exhibit by the museum at the Park Avenue Armory (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The American Folk Art Museum will begin its next Lincoln Square iteration in January, The Wall Street Journal reports, with a show titled “Jubilation/Rumination: Life, Real and Imagined.”

“We’ve gone through some trials and tribulations in the last year,” senior curator Stacy Hollander told the paper. “We are celebrating our 50th year. It is a moment of jubilation, and it’s also a time to reflect about the field and our institution.”

This past May, the museum announced that it would sell its 53rd Street space to the Museum of Modern Art, its neighbor on that street, because it was unable to repay the outstanding bonds for the construction of that building. The new show has the museum back in its old space at Lincoln Square, and will explore the “provocative tension exists between the experiential nature of early American folk art and the fantastical imagery it often displays.”