Gersh Kuntzman Leaving Brooklyn Paper

brooklynpaper Gersh Kuntzman Leaving Brooklyn PaperThe Brooklyn Paper editor Gersh Kuntzman is leaving the News Corp.-owned weekly for a position at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, The Observer has learned.

In addition to teaching the craft of journalism, Mr. Kuntzman will oversee its practice on The Local-Fort Greene, CUNY’s hyperlocal online news collaboration with The New York Times.

Prior to joining Paper in 2005, Mr. Kuntzman was a longtime columnist at The New York Post and Newsweek, and wrote books on baldness and Chrismukkah, as well as an off-Broadway play, SUV: The Musical.

Mr. Kuntzman had no comment on his successor, but applauded the work of his fellow editor Vince Dimiceli.

“The idea that The Brooklyn Paper could fall into bad hands is just a fallacy,” Mr. Kuntzman said.


  1. Informed reader says:

    “The idea that The Brooklyn Paper could fall into bad hands is just a fallacy,” Mr. Kuntzman said.You mean, “The idea that The Brooklyn Paper could fall into WORSE hands is just a fallacy.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    No more Goish? Where else will we get bike lane, hipster, bad writer and police blotter updates? And I guess someone has to teach budding journalists Murdoch 101.

  3. Tell me this is a hoax, please. The Clown Prince of local journalism, who frittered away the opportunity for direly needed community reportage (in a community stuffed with activists and writers, yet!) in a stream of sophomoric, self-serving stunts, puns, and manufactured micro-flaps? In a town awash in laid-off real journalists, this is who CUNY scoops up to teach the next generation? What will he regale them with, his cleverness in inventing “Goosewatch”? His one-man cult of personality? His paper’s shabby fact-checking when reporting personal details about members of the community?  The chap seems to have a genius, in a painfully tight job market, for latching onto opportunities to waste.

    1. Gersh Kuntzman says:


      I find your opinion entirely valid and I won’t quibble with it, but I have two questions:

      1. Is there a community newspaper in the region that you think is a model for the paper that you hoped The Brooklyn Paper could be?

      2. Was The Brooklyn Paper, in your eyes, just such a paper before I took over?

      Thanks. Please email me at the address below.


  4. Lynn Oberlander says:

    Congratulations Gersh!

  5. Guest says:

    SMH.  Very disappointing.  I though CUNY’s J-school was supposed to be moving forward, not sideways.  Kuntzman is a sub-par editor with too many abrasive traits to count.  I feel sorry for whatever student has him for a professor.

    1. Guest says:

      I can’t even imagine. The guy is so in your face about everything… A lot of times, you just want to read a story and NOT about the author of said story. That was impossible with this doofus who clearly wasn’t paid enough attention as a child.

  6. Steve O. says:

    Guess what, people — the Paper went downhill fast after ownership changed. Thanks, Gersh, for your best efforts, and best of luck in your new position.

  7. Psmith says:

    Gersh gives up dream of editing or writing for a real newspaper – watch out CUNY.  BP can’t get much worse unless Vince takes over.