Herzog, Wiseman… Gallo? Plenty of Filmmakers for 2012 Whitney Biennial

36 e1324562705424 Herzog, Wiseman… Gallo? Plenty of Filmmakers for 2012 Whitney Biennial

The Whitney.

Though the 2010 Whitney Biennial featured no shortage of film-based works, the 2012 edition will feature at least 13 artists that have worked in that medium, along with a handful of artists from the relatively more mainstream section of the filmmaking world, among them Werner Herzog, Frederick Wiseman and Vincent Gallo.

Here are the 13 artists of the 51 known participants who work primarily with film:

Nathaniel Dorsky
Thom Andersen
Charles Atlas
Matt Porterfield
Luther Price
Frederick Wiseman
Kelly Reichardt
Laida Lertxundi
Werner Herzog
Jerome Hiler
Vincent Gallo
Laura Poitras
Kevin Jerome Everson

The show could host a mini film festival with that roster! Not that we have any insight into what any of them will do. As you may be aware, the list just leaked today.

According to the museum, the film program is being organized in conjunction with alternative space Light Industry’s Ed Halter and Thomas Beard.


  1. Kathy McCarthy says:

    Vincent Gallo is certainly a museum level creative person and his works and public expressions are certainly high level works of art . I can not say the same about Hertzog who is really just a filmmaker not good enough for the mainstream he plays to.

  2. LindaY says:

    3 out of 13.

  3. KFNYC says:

    Gallo is certainly interesting and has smarts and talent. He can offend though