Hurd It Through the Grapveine, Epistolary Excerpts From The HP Scandal

How does a CEO at a massive enterprise tech company get himself fired. The letter from Jodie Fisher and her lawyers that that brought down HP’s Mark Hurd surfaced today. In it they accuse him of sexual harassment. Some items of note recounted in the letter:

  • Mr. Hurd first spotted Ms. Fisher on the reality dating series Age of Love, so things really began on the wrong foot.
  • During the first job interview, which “felt more like date”, discussion turned to the time Ms. Fisher posed for Playboy
  • Name dropping: Mr. Hurd is flying to China to meet the Vice Premier. Can you come up to his room to see some documents?
  • Mr. Hurd mentions that many women, including Sheryl Crow, are crazy about him.
  • When this fails to impress, he tells Ms. Fisher about a massive acquisition HP is working on. Ms. Fisher’s mother, briefed on the news, is surprised he is discussing sensitive business secrets.
  • While staying together at a hotel, Mr. Hurd points out that he regularly sleeps with one woman in New York, another in San Francisco.
  • Stopping by an ATM, Mr. Hurd points out the balance in his checking account is over a million dollars.

The whole thing is available as a PDF here.