Improv Everywhere Is Getting A Movie, Maybe, If You Help Pay For It! (Video)

Make the magic happen!

Improv Everywhere is the creation of Charlie Todd, so you can blame him/love him for all those flash mob stunts that have now been co-opted by brands like Fox for shows like Glee and for the movie Friends with Benefits. So…thank you? We guess? If this is your sort of thing, definitely donate money to Matt EvansKickstarter campaign for a full-length movie about Improv Everywhere; the teaser of which features Aubrey Plaza, Rich Sommer from Mad Men, Ben Folds, and Will Hines.

Hey, remember the hilarious April Fools’ Day prank Improv Everywhere pulled, where they pretended one of their members got beat up while dressed like Jar Jar Binks, and tried to get the police involved? We would pay to watch a documentary about that.