In Vintage ’98 Footage, Mayor Bloomberg Praises Press and Predicts Media Meltdown

In the last two months, Mayor Bloomberg’s relationship with the media has become increasingly rocky as he drew criticism from news organizations and press advocacy groups for arresting reporters and restricting press access at the Occupy Wall Street protests. But before he was taking heat for his treatment of the press, Mayor Bloomberg was a media mogul who vigorously defended the rights of journalists.

In a nearly fourteen year old clip unearthed by The Politicker from CSpan’s voluminous archives, Mayor Bloomberg, who was at the time CEO the news company he founded, Bloomberg L.P., praised journalists as a global force for justice against evil politicians. He also gave a remarkably prescient prediction of the coming layoffs and technological changes facing the media. “We journalists are the ones that did bring down the evil empire, we are the ones charged with watching the watchers, we are the ones that opened China, we are the ones that have stopped genocide and starvation in many places in the world,” Mayor Bloomberg said. Read More