NYTM Election Ends Tonight. Here’s Who’s Running

New York Tech Meetup, now 19,619 members, last year incorporated as a nonprofit 501c(6), giving it the power to lobby government, among other things. Another change: four seats on the board of directors were designated “community board seats,” to be allocated to members of the organization by popular election. “This ties us directly to our membership and holds us accountable,” NYTM board chairman Andrew Rasiej said of the board seat.

NYTM held its first election for its governing board last year, when proto-blogger Anil Dash and NYU computer science professor Evan Korth won the vote. A few things are different this year: only one position is open, and there are four women running while last year there were none.

Since Dec. 6, 21 candidates have been electioneering. Voting closes at 3 p.m. Check out the candidates and their platforms.

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