Iowa Pastors Call Newt Gingrich 'The Don Draper of 2012'

As comparisons go, this one seems like something of a leap.

A group of evangelical pastors in Iowa is calling on former House Speaker–and current, if nominal GOP presidential fundraiser–Newt Gingrich to sign a pledge of fidelity to his wife Callista and are mocking his previous adultery by comparing him to certain TV character.

“Mr. Gingrich is the Don Draper of 2012: When it comes to his character record, he’s a very fine, empty suit with a broken zipper,” said Dr. Albert Calaway, a retired Assemblies of God pastor who heads a 200-church Iowa group called Truth, Values & Leadership. “Christians in Iowa — and I understand many of his old U.S. House colleagues as well — desperately want to see a changed man, yet we keep on seeing a glib, wordy cheater. On all fronts, Newt should just be faithful.” Read More