It Pays to Know Ruby: New York City’s Top Tech Jobs (and Their Average Salary)

ruby00 It Pays to Know Ruby: New York Citys Top Tech Jobs (and Their Average Salary)Here’s some interesting data that slipped through the holiday news hole. CyberCoders, a technology staffing company, assembled a list of the top ten tech jobs in New York for the coming year.

The company is based in Irvine, California, but recently opened an office in New York. With the office expansion of companies like Google and Twitter, says CyberCoders CTO Matt Miller, “We are seeing a significant demand for various types of web development, as well as candidates who manage projects and the sales team to support those efforts.” Startups are unlikely to ask a staffing firm for help with hiring up, but their numbers offer a nice overview of coveted jobs and compensation.

Based on data from job postings, client input, and salary ranges from its database of candidates, the company says the top ten tech jobs in New York City for 2012 are:

  1. PHP Developer, $96,071
  2. Sales Engineer, $106,500
  3. Java Developer, $104,500
  4. Network Engineer, $103,750
  5. Sales Manager, $86,250
  6. Project Manager, $78,333
  7. Ruby Developer, $106,667
  8. Python Developer, $103,333
  9. Mobile/Web Engineer, $85,000
  10. Product Manager, $97,500

If you’re going after New York’s most poachable technophiles, of course, you’re gonna need to up the ante.