It Wasn’t Just A Gun That Tennessee Woman Carried Into the 9/11 Memorial

Things to bring into the 9/11 war memorial

Oh jeez lady! We felt bad for you when you were tricked by a wily New York security guard into handing over your firearm because it was “law enforcement day” down at the 9/11 Memorial, but now it turns out you were carrying a butt-load of cocaine as well? Come on.

Just to refresh your memory 39-year-old Meredith Graves was more than happy to turn in her 38-caliber gun to the proper authorities while visiting the memorial recently, but was unaware that unlike her home state, you can’t just travel around with a concealed weapon everywhere. Doink!

But we all make mistakes, right? Just some of us don’t also carry around two envelopes of “what appeared to be cocaine” in our purses when we also happen to be sporting a gun. Then again, Ms. Graves is a forth-year med student from Tennessee, so there’s a very good chance that it wasn’t cocaine…just a meth/Hydrocodone mixture.

Oh well, have fun in jail Ms. Graves!