Jonathan Ames to Hold Funeral Tonight for Death of Bored To Death, Will Buy You a Drink

The Observer was especially sad to hear about HBO’s cancelling of Bored to Death, the Jonathan Ames-penned comedy that just wrapped a hysterical third season (and often pulled entire scenes straight from the pages of this newspaper!). The show had perfected and managed into a science the fine art of lampooning New Yorkers of all stripes, and their respective senses of self-seriousness. As scathing as the show could be, it was also a weirdly sweet, touching, and mostly hysterical meditation on unlikely friendships. Who doesn’t want to get high with Ted Danson, now?

Jonathan Ames likely knows this as well, as evidenced by the fact that he informed Gothamist yesterday that he’d be buying fans of the show a drink tonight if they show up to an unofficial wake for the show:

“I invite all fans of Bored to Death to come to the Brooklyn Inn tomorrow night, Wednesday, and I’ll buy you a drink. John Hodgman will be joining me and perhaps other local New York City actors from the show will be there, and we can all toast Bored to Death and a completely loony and improbable three-year run.”

Like the show, it’s weird, and sweet, and generally the kind of thing the world could probably use but will nonetheless be denied. Bored To Death, we barely knew thee: The Observer will miss you, and will pour a glass of Orangina out in your memory. | @weareyourfek