Jumaane Williams Asks City Council to Condemn Bloomberg’s Occupy Wall Street Raid

Councilman Jumaane Williams submitted a resolution today asking the City Council to condemn Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s handling of the raid on the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park.  ”The decision by the Bloomberg Administration to undertake a police action in the early hours of the morning to forcibly remove residents of New York City, New York State and involved citizens who have traveled far and wide to join the OWS movement from Liberty Plaza since the occupation commenced was excessive and poses a threat to our civil liberties,” wrote Councilman Williams in the resolution. “Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Council of the City of New York condemns the overly aggressive actions of the Bloomberg Administration that were used to evict the Occupy Wall Street protestors that occurred in the predawn hours of November 15, 2011.” Read More