Lea Michele Will Leave New York If We Don’t Ban Horse & Carriage Rides

War horse, indeed

leamichelefinal72 Lea Michele Will Leave New York If We Dont Ban Horse & Carriage RidesLea Michele, the pint-size diva of Glee and New Years Eve–Best movie of 2011? Discuss…–has given the city an ultimatum. Either this wallpaper goes, or she does. And by “wallpaper” we mean “carriages that use horses for labor.”

Tant pis, Ms. Michele!!

On her Twitter today, the star announced: “”New York, u know how much I love you. But if I see another horse & carriage struggling in this winter weather I may not be able 2 be here.”

This is quite a bold move for the young actress, especially considering that most New Yorkers probably don’t consider the singer a New York staple. Does Glee tape in New York? How much of the year does she actually live here?

Still, it’s for a good cause, because as we’ve seen, those carriage horses are getting a roughshod treatment of late. And seeing celebrities take a stand towards anything animal-related (as long as PETA isn’t involved..oh wait, they are) tends to pull on our heartstrings.

So what do you think? Are Ms. Michele’s threats in vain, or do you think the city will perk up and listen? And what will happen to the horses if they suddenly run out of business?




  1. not right says:

    the horses in the middle of cars not a good idea, also there were horses collapsing at NY this year and the animals don’t look healthy

  2. Anonymous says:

    NYCLASS and ASPCA have pledged to fund loving forever homes for every single NYC carriage horse when they are phased out.

    1. Kayak21 says:

      Pleasse list the sanctuaries and post your financial plan to support the around 200 horses for the rest of their lives.

  3. Taz says:

    Im afraid I know nothing of this issue as I don’t even come from America, but it sounds a little ridiculous. Horse-drawn carriages in NYC? Good on her for trying to do something about it. And she was born and raised there right? sure she might live there part time now (I really have no idea) but does it matter thats still the place thats her home

  4. Donnymoss says:

    Leah Michelle should go straight to the source of the problem:  Christine Quinn.  As Speaker of the City Council, she has the power to kill bills that don’t suit her political agenda.  And that’s exactly what she did to the bill to ban horse-drawn carriages.   Quinn will say that the bill has no support, but that is because she won’t allow the Council Members to support it.  

  5. Mcch says:

    Lea, if you leave no one will notice. They would certainly notice if the horses left town. Children love carriage rides, and so do tourists. The masses want carriage rides and so do me and my kids. If you dont like carriage rides you dont have to take them. Try not to ruin it for the the 99% of the human race.

    1. Joe NYer says:

      Do your kids enjoying seeing horse dead and hurt in the streets.  Cause 5 horses have dead  recently in NYC 7 in 2011 alone.   Why not walk with your kids or take another from of transportation?  Really will your kids life be less satisfying if they don’t take a carriage ride?   No.   teaching you kids a little compassion for animals is not a bad thing.

    2. Taz says:

      How does that even make logical sense? If you morally are outraged by something you’d try to stop it right? if you dont like something then dont get involved is such a childish way to look at things and im 17. the masses used to think black discrimination was all cool. people didnt like it so they did something about it. of course its not the same thing but not doing what you think just because of the ‘masses’? thats quite pathetic

  6. jay says:

    She was just frustrated is all.  I am sure she was just letting off steam. There ahve been  5 or 6 horse deatshinthe past two months.

  7. aaa says:

    lea is part of 2 great shows so if she leaves maybe they might band the carrage ride. the horses be on their feet all day snd smaell their own leaving but others dont want to be treated that way so y do they do it to the horses