LocalResponse Doubles Staff, Embraces the Midwest

Are you the kind of person who enjoys checking in to a Walgreens and getting a 25 percent discount on a bulk bottle of shampoo? No? Well that’s probably because you’re a snobby New Yorker who wouldn’t be caught dead in a Walgreens andwashes their hair with tea tree oil.

But LocalResponse is embracing that all American consumer. The company announced today they are opening a new office in Chicago and bringing on Todd Hayes, who was the Internet Advertising Bureau’s 2010 salesman of the year for the Midwest. Just because you’re based in Chelsea doesn’t mean you don’t know how to sell Pepsi in the flyover states, am I right? 

The company also noted that it had doubled its staff since its recent fund raise. For those playing catch up, LocalResponse is a geo-target advertising platform. It lets stores and brands respond to users who check in through services like foursquare or make their location know on Twitter or Flickr. The idea is to turn check ins into highly targeted, geo-specific advertising inventory. The company says click through rates are tracking above 60 percent for blue chip brands like Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Hershey’s. Not bad compared to the less than 1 percent click through on your average internet ad.