Lower East Side Residents Advised Not to Tie Meat to Fences Anymore

No meat on street! (Gary Soup)

A sign on Orchard and Grand has officially put on notice all those weird below Houston-streeters: Stop tying bones and meat around town for stray dogs/crazy satanic rituals/art installations.

From Rosie Gray, of The Village Voice‘s “Running Scared” blog, which has  a photo of the sign as well as its message:

“Someone has been tying bones and meat to the park fence at dog height on Essex Street, just below the Hester Street/market area. Beware and if you see this please call the police/report it or at least remove it so no other dog ingests it.”

*Shiver* It’s nice that the person writing this letter has immediatly jumped to the conclusion that this meat is for animals. We’d automatically assume that rotting meat in LES was part of some new viral marketing  campaign for a Lady Gaga exhibit.

(Photo via Gary Soup)