Madame Chairperson Now Mister Candidate: Transgender Wymore Runs For UWS Council Seat

Pronouns less important than proactivity

At his first meeting after being elected chair of Community Board 7 on the Upper West Side, Mel Wymore had quite an announcement to make: he was no longer a woman.

Prior to declaring his new gender in April 2010, Mr. Wymore spent more than a decade serving on the community board. He realized he wanted to become a man about a month before taking the chairmanship.

“I’ve held many roles on the community board, however always in the role of a woman,” Mr. Wymore told The Observer. “I knew that I was going to be changing very overtly in front of everybody when I was elected, so on my very first meeting as chair, I announced to the community board that I would be transitioning and that they could expect changes. At the time, I said I would maintain the female pronoun until I announced otherwise and that if anyone had questions please don’t be afraid to ask me directly.”

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  1. Having come out as transgendered at his first meeting as Community Board 7, Mel Wymore was never Madame Chairperson.

    1. Paul says:

      Given that he requested the CB use the female pronoun until he requested otherwise, I believe he was “Madame Chairperson.” 

      1. Paul B. says:

        Actually, at that first CB7 meeting as chair, Mel advised us to “use either pronoun.” I never got the memo that he’s decided to go with “M.”

  2. Singer1 says:

    Once upon a time a freak like that would have been recognized as a true sicko.