Martime Hotel's Hiro Ballroom and Matsuri Shutter; Reborn Through Marc Packer

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Hiro to close in March (Patrick McMullan)

Hiro Ballroom, the two-story subterranean dance hall loved by hipsters and Midtowners alike, will be closing its doors come March, according to employees at the Maritime Hotel, where the venue is located. Also closing at the hotel is Matsuri restaurant. And while none of this should come as a huge surprise–rumors have been swirling about who would take over management of the club and restaurant space since the fall– now we finally have an answer to that particular burning nightlife question. Marc Packer–whose name is usually synonymous with the Strategic Group founders like Noah Tepperberg, Jason Strauss, and Rich Wolffwill be taking over management duties at the Maritime spaces. Mr. Packer is best known for his work at Las Vegas’ LAVO club as well as Tao.

So what can we expect in the space where Hiro and Matsuri once were? Something that sounds suspiciously like a Stefon-themed nightclub, if his former work is any indication.

From LAVO’s homepage:

Modeled after the ancient European bathhouses, LAVO is the latest “concept” creation from the visionary team that brought us Tao Nightclub and Tao Beach. During your time at LAVO, expect to run across any number of theme-inspired surprises like midgets fanning models, genuine ancient Turkish decorations, human candelabras, and Tao Nightclub’s signature models bathing in bathtubs.

That’s right…human candelabras. AND midgets. Separately. We wonder how New Yorkers will react when they realize that Spicy! is a real club.


  1. Sumayaw says:

    Elbow’s down! Elbows up!

  2. Tyson Sieger says:

    I wonder why they closed it and who took over the management. That’s very unfortunate for the people who regularly visit there.  I’ve been there once with my aunt, and it is had a very enticing dance floor.

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    great helpful, it’s so right to me! Million thanks for the article,

  4. Ken Pierce says:

    I know that a lot of bands enjoyed playing at the Hiro Ballroom so I am sad to see that avenue close for them.  I’ve not been to the place myself but I guess now I don’t really have the chance to go too much forward with the space.