Maurice Sendak Curates Menorah Show at Jewish Museum

A drawing by Mr. Sendak (Photo courtesy of The Jewish Museum)

The Jewish Museum will open a new show focused on Hannukah lamps tomorrow curated by the children’s author and illustrator Maurice Sendak. The show features 33 lamps from around the world and is entitled An Artist Remembers.

Though one might expect a whimsical selection from the author of Where the Wild Things Are, Mr. Sendak said he wanted to keep things spare as a reminder of the injustices of the Holocaust, the reason his own parents emigrated to Brooklyn from Poland.

From WNYC:

“I stayed away from everything elaborate,” Sendak said in an interview with The Jewish Museum. “I kept looking for very plain, square ones, very severe looking.”

For some lighter Sendak, we direct you to this recent interview with The Guardian, which features his weighing in on the American right wing (“These Republican schnooks would be comical if they weren’t not funny.”)

Maurice Sendak Curates Menorah Show at Jewish Museum