Mayor Bloomberg Calls Jerry Nadler's Push For Federal Investigation Into Occupy Wall Street Raid 'Ridiculous'

Politicker asked Mayor Michael Bloomberg about Congressman Jerrold Nadler’s call for a federal investigation into the NYPD raid on Occupy Wall Street at a press conference for the opening of a new probation office in Brownsville. ”Representative Nadler I know very well and, in most things, I agree with him. I think this case, that’s ridiculous,” Mayor Bloomberg said. Read More


  1. Mik3cap says:

    Imagine where we’d be today if our founding fathers protested at times and places that were convenient for the British Empire! If only the British had the world’s 7th largest army patrolling the docks in Boston!

  2. They all have to complete their duty on which they are allotted and they to be sincere for there country.

  3. Sio99 says:

    Regardless of what the mayor thinks, the conflict of interest issue alone is enough to question his motivation. His girlfriend sitting on the board of Brookfield speaks of his inabity to be objective and he should have consulted and acted on congressman Nadlers and the city council’s decision. So far the only manhattan elected politico I hear saying he acted correctly is himself. This is enough to warrant any investigation alone even without the brutality & press suppression. This investigation is going to point out many disturbing findings.

  4. Jamieavery6 says:

    Mr. Bloomberg doesnt have an inkling into the democratic process; he is known to appoint committee members who will agree with him and vote in his favor, when the City Council and/or the People have voted against his ideas or initiatives.  This is downright unethical.  He has enough money to buy out any hate groups that speak out aginst him;  he has enough money to plant illegal  traps and surveillance to ruin careers of anyone whose spoken against him. I wouldn’t put it past him that he’s got an arsenal of PI’s who are paid very well to cover his illicit crimes.  He is the 1 % , while he advocates for the 1%; yet, while he is the Mayor of our City, he just doesn’t understand he need to govern for the majority of the people, and that is precisely what we called democratic process. 

  5. Timothy O'Neal Glover says:

     Martin luther king must have felt very lonely with so much oposition against what he knew was right and just for all, not just a few. Top officials from city and state levels to top federal offices all seemed in oposition of what he had to say.
      I feel like I am in a boxing ring with my hands tied behind my back and about to face Mohamid Ali for ten rounds. Just like MLK must have felt when even mentioning the abuse he knew was there and endorsed by officials who “could” make changes.
      The TDLR A/C division has “invented” a provable sabotage for HVAC systems in Texas “only”. It is illegal and against all codes of safety and correct installation in EVERY other place in the world and the entire USA that HVAC systems are used. It is “illegal” in the zoos of Texas. It is illegal in any home or office in the entire country, including Texas. I know how the man felt trying to get anyone, in a power position, to just consider the lives of millions as “important enough” to spare a little time and do some REPRESENTATION for the TAXAITION.

      Special laws have been invented and “made” by the TDLR A/C division to make clear cut sabotage “legal” in texas “only”. The very important “catch” is that it is “segregated” to include only the elderly, the disabled, and the poorest people in Texas today.
      The laws that were invented to “match” the sabotage that was legalized by TDLR A/C division apply to mobile homes “ONLY” in Texas. Mobile homes in ALL OTHER STATES are granted clean air and healthy conditions because it is “ILLEGAL”. Just like in all their other homes and offices and zoos of their states.
     TDLR A/C division  has “set aside” the correct and basic operation and installation of HVAC anywhere to “make” it legal in Texas only. “Every” manufacturer of HVAC in the in the USA today says it is nothing but “ignorant” and would NEVER RECOMMEND it be done to their equipment. Not one says it is OK at all. It VOIDS their warrenties is what most said to boot.
      NOT ONE school or academy of HVAC in this “ENTIRE WORLD” teaches or condones the ignorance that TDLR A/C division has forced and taught to be used on “mobile homes only” and in Texas “ONLY”. NOT ONE other place that uses the EXACT SAME equipment can install it legally. In Texas or the entire country. TDLR A/C division has “invented” a guaranteed sabotage for mobile homes “ONLY”. These homes are “mobile” only once.

      The CLEAN AIR ACT is totally eliminated and IGNORED to “make” it legal. The entire reason to even have a filter set up with a sealed filter is completely ignored. To “make” the sabotage of the entire HVAC system “legal” in mobile homes “only” in  Texas. All other states License and Regulations offices have laws that “MAKE” it ILLEGAL in EVERY HOME because it is a complete failure to filter the HVAC system at all. They give good reasons to NEVER allow it or pass a code with it. PLEASE ASK THEM ALL. The “guaranteed” hazards and the “GUARANTEED” rapid destruction that is CAUSED. Every school in this country or “ANY” place that goes by FACTS and PROVEN DATA like License and Regulation Offices of “any” state except Texas can PROVE harmful FACTS that TDLR A/C division totally IGNORES to “make” it “legal” with a special kick of for mobile homes “ONLY”. 

      All basic and CORRECT HVAC installation codes are eliminated to “make” it legal but IN mobile homes “only”. If a contractor were to install this set-up of guaranteed sabotage  (that TDLR A/C division “made legal” for mobile homes only), in ANY OTHER PLACE in Texas or the USA, like homes,offices,or city zoos, He would be fined, forced to redo his work CORRECTLY, and possibly lose his license of HVAC installation completely.

      TDLR A/C division is the “ONLY” place that says it is OK in the entire world to use their invented money maker. Other countries scoff at it and most states are shocked at the obvious abuse of powers that TDLR A/C division has PROVEN IT CAN USE to CONTROL it all. And still make unlimited income the dishonest way. TDLR A/C division can “guarantee” that it will never get past the poorest people in Texas by using their “invented laws” to make sure it can and will happen in mobile homes “only” and “only” in Texas. That way you don’t have to explain the ignorance that is allowed to anyone. RIGHT? A nice way to guarantee the “control” of the damages that are guaranteed to occur.

      A nice way to get past “all the codes” that every other country and state uses to say “IT IS ILLEGAL”. Codes and laws that other states use to STOP the health hazards that are guaranteed to be “CAUSED AND CREATED” by the TDLR mode of installation and approval for mobile homes “only”. Damages and health hazards that are caused and created by nothing but TDLR A/C divisions “INVENTED” method of sabotage. The sabotage that is “GUARANTEED” to create income for any state that can push it into legalness just like TDLR A/C division has done to the poorest people people in Texas today. Can your state use a scam to create income?

      The cost of operation of the sabotaged HVAC system is “guaranteed” to be at least four times as much as the exact same equipment installed correctly in the exact same place. Installed just like all other homes, offices, dog pounds, and zoos of this country. The services that are a “MUST” for mobile homes “only” because of the improper installation are more than five times as much as the exact same equipment installed correctly. The cost of electrical is increased by more than 3 times because of the sabotage that is “LEGAL” in Texas only. TDLR A/C division insist that 52 filters per year be used for “proper maintenance” of the sabotage. This is insisted on by TDLR A/C division for mobile homes “only” instead of the 12 or “LESS” that would be REQUIRED per year  All other peoples homes and offices and zoos use no more than 12 per year. That’s millions of mobile homes disposing of 52 filters per year. Instead of the possible 4 per year per mobile home. But, Who cares they are all buying 52 filters per year? If you change the two makeshift filters EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year it will not stop the sabotage that is guaranteed to occur because of “where” the filters are at.

       I can give you or anyone “over” 35 VERY GOOD reasons to “NEVER” install an HVAC system the way TDLR A/C has “invented” and “made legal” in Texas for MOBILE HOMES ONLY.

      TDLR A/C division has even “invented” ridiculos maintenance procedures to cover the scam that is guaranteed to create and cause damages and health hazards to the entire area. That is damage that is “guaranteed” to occur even if you change the two filters every day of the year. Because the filters are useless where the TDLR A/C division made sure happens in mobile homes “only”. TDLR A/C divisions official procedure is to change two filters every two weeks. Just more cost and cover up to “NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN” to ANYONE in Texas at all. I call it ignorant and so does ANY person who does not work for the TDLR. The opinions and facts of other places simply puts TDLR A/C division out on a platter try to explain why such a thing was ever allowed or “made legal” in the state of Texas “ONLY”.

     Keep the TDLR A/C division as the “only” place “anyone” in Texas can ask for help and you have even MORE of a GUARANTEE that it will NEVER be exposed in Texas.

      The entire HVAC system is destroyed long before normal. From the compressor outside to EVERY PIECE of the air handler and EVERY INCH of the duct it supplies inside. That is if it is installed the TDLR A/C divisions for “mobile homes only” legalized sabotage. I can PROVE this to anyone. Not with my bought and paid for opinion but with FACTS. The exact same TDLR A/C people that “invented” the sabotage is the “ONLY” place they can get an opinion from that does not expose them for what is wrong here. The exact same people that NEED to keep it QUIET are the only people who can discuss it at all. Then the “only opinions” that are given by them is “it’s legal” to COVER IT ALL. Segregation and abuse have always been legal somewhere. Slavery was? Because it was “legal”? Refusal of civil rights was? Because it was legal at the time? Women could not have a say in the government? Because it was legal?

      The exact same facts that I can use to PROVE how wrong this is are the same FACTS that all others use to “MAKE” it illegal anywhere in their states. And entire countries use those FACTS to make it illegal in their country. It is ignorant per all HVAC manufacturers per a long list of good reasons to never allow it.
    The TDLR A/C divisions method for mobile homes “only” to install A/C is guaranteed to cause and create health hazards. It is guaranteed to destroy the unit three times faster than normal per “ANY” reputable A/C service company that tells the truth about what is hidden here. It is right under the noses of the companies that TDLR A/C division “taught” it to. But, to use “only” in mobile homes of Texas.

      EVERY single one of them KNOWS how wrong and FAULTY the installation is but refuse to speak up because of WHO MADE IT LEGAL and the income that is “CREATED” by the sabotage that no one sees. That is the perfect sabotage if you want to put one over on millions at the same time. Why complain if you are an HVAC Mobile Home “Specialist” in on all the created income by keeping it quiet?
      TDLR A/C division has made it even easier to hide the sabotage. By “making sure” that even TDLR “special divisions” can not question or ask about the HVAC systems in the very buildings that their “ENTIRE SPECIAL DIVISION” was created for in the first place. It is called the TDLR mobile home division. A place that might have too many to “keep quiet” and someone might get the information and FACTS of the wrongs endorsed and taught by the TDLR A/C division.
      All and ANY complaints that involve the HVAC system of a mobile home are not “allowed” to be handled by “ANY” of the specialist in the “special” Mobile Home Division of TDLR. Another good way for the TDLR A/C division, the “inventors of perfect sabotage” to keep it all hidden from even their own offices and divisions. Offices that surely have “investigators” that are much better and more “HONEST” than the TDLR A/C division. The division of TDLR that “overlooks” not oversees it all with just one answer for it all. “It’s Legal”. TDLR A/C division can not give more than that because there is NO OTHER REASON they can give to allow such ignorance in the installation of any HVAC system in any place.

      I challenged every A/C specialist that TDLR A/C has or can get to FACE ME. I challenged TDLR from Executive Director, Prosecutors, Investigators, Division managers, You name it. I begged to face the entire statewide staff of TDLR about this.
    NOT ONE TAKER to offer even an excuse for it happening. TDLR A/C division wants it all solved on the phone or internet. And all that is done with the rehearsed answer of “it’s Legal” to cover all the PROVABLE WRONGS that are pushed on “mobile homes “ONLY” by the TDLR A/C division. Not one taker out of all these “EDUCATED AND TRAINED SPECIALIST”. Don’t you think that is odd for someone who is being called a SCAM ARTIST by their ABUSE OF POWERS. Explain it and forget it should be there somewhere, simply to “COVER” what “you” TEACH AND ENDORSE. All the TDLR A/C division EXPERTS know there is no explaination for the proven negatives that they push on “mobile homes ONLY”.

      I had a “deadly” HVAC system installed in my families home. I accidently “found” the cause of it all while working on the effects of the guaranteed sabotage that TDLR A/C will not face real experts about. I am no expert at all but I started asking questions and TDLR A/C divisions refusal to answer in any way seemed odd. So I started asking HONEST professionals about it. It is a SCAM to CREATE work and sell parts. This is when I discovered that the TDLR A/C division is the ROOT of the complaints I was making. It could not happen without TDLR A/C divisions approval and participation in the guaranteed sabotage of a mobile homes HVAC system. Tell them to PROVE just ONE good thing about their invented filtering of A/C.

    Tell them to try to say something good about the tie-in of nothing but aluminum tape in 13″ long strips to form the shape of duct and “hang” 100′ of metal duct from it. All taped up from inside only, with the entire top surface of the main duct “CUT OUT” to where there was NO POSSIBLE WAY to tie-it in without replacing it completely. This was all hidden under the floor burried in insulation attaching the floor plenum to the duct. But sealing it in NO WAY. Causing the massive dust I had complained about since the day we moved in. Clayton Homes, the builder, is the culprit that decided it would be easier to hide than replace. TDLR A/C division was so worried about keeping their SABOTAGE hidden that they called it “all legal” because it is in a double wide 2000′ sq. ft. “MOBILE HOME”. It has been mobile ONCE in over 12 years. TDLR A/C division covers it all with it’s legal. There is much more to my complaint with TDLR A/C division than the MISSING TIE-IN which was the deadly part. The more I looked into it the MORE I found that was completely illegal and unheard of if installed in YOUR HOME or any zoo in the USA.
      TDLR A/C division refuses to let a case even be filed against a NATIONWIDE company like Clayton Homes. Because Clayton Homes is one of the companies that KNOWS it is wrong for any HVAC installation but slaps it in anyway because TDLR A/C div says so. And they can save 50 dolars per home and get so work also from the sabotage.

      Reputable and real HVAC companies “refuse” to work on any A/C in mobile homes of Texas because of all the “NEGATIVES” that are caused and created for mobile homes “only”. They also refuse to toss out their knowledge of HVAC just to “make” the sabotage work. The rule book on EVERYTHING taught at school concerning HVAC installation is not something they will drop so easy either. Not, forget it, all just for the money like TDLR A/C division wants them to do.

      TDLR A/C division invented this “work and income” creator at the expense of “only” the poorest people in Texas and will “cover” anyone like Clayton Homes who “helps” get this sabotage work done in mobile homes “ONLY”. FOR TEXANS ONLY.
    A nationwide company like Clayton homes “knows” it is as illegal as it can get anywhere in the country. TDLR A/C division “guarantees” no names will ever be filed against for any reason as long as help with the sabotage is “given”.

      Can you imagine going into the ring to face Joe Fraizer with your arms tied behind you? That is what I have been doing for a long time. TDLR A/C division has seperated itself ABOVE questioning by anyone. That also “guarantees” the scam to work and “stay hidden” from all. No one pushes it past the lame answer of “It’s legal” to answer it all.
     TDLR A/C and state officials do not care as long as the “CREATED” funds keep rolling and give something to BRAG about to boot. It is a deadly set-up that is “guaranteed” to stay under control when “special laws” are invented to “make sure” it is legal in mobile homes only. Seperate it and keep it in mobile homes “only”.
      “WHO” could possibly care about the millions of mobile homes in Texas as long as the extra “created income” keeps rolling in and is “guaranteed” to keep rolling in as long as it stays “HIDDEN” from all that could possibly make it RIGHT.

      TDLR A/C division, any other state, any other country, any A/C school, any A/C company, anyone that has anything to do with A/C at all, can “NOT” come up with “JUST ONE” reason to even consider using the TDLR A/C divisions invented sabotaged method of installation that was “made” legal in mobile homes only. And only in Texas.

     I can give you over forty “VERY GOOD REASONS” and “PROOF” to NEVER allow it anywhere at all, just like other states do. Why can the TDLR A/C division get away with pulling such a scam against the millions of mobile home owners in Texas?
    I can give you or any expert A/C more than enough PROOF to show that the “only” reason anyone would approve of this is to “CREATE WORK” for Texas.

      The TDLR A/C has enough seperation and power to do as it likes with the lives of the poorest of Tx. How many millions of people live in mobile homes? Very provable health hazzards that are guaranteed to occur. Not maybe! Very provable facts to show the guaranteed creation and “cause of up to five times as much costs to operate system. Facts to show the guaranteed destruction of the HVAC system by simply using the TDLR A/C invented and taught method of sabatoge for mobiole homes in TX. 

      Like I said before TDLR A/C or anyone else cannot give JUST ONE reason to set up the HVAC in TDLR method is wrong. TDLR A/C sure can’t give a good reason at all to not use the standard “ONE” filter in a filter rack to SEAL the filter and use it as a filter. The “ONLY” way to use the filter correctly. Exactly what the filter is MADE for by it’s design. NOT a cover up of looking at two filters in the wrong place that “do nothing” but “cause and create damages to the HVAC and the homes complete envinroment. No possible way the EPA or the Clean Air Act could or woild pass this set up without the TDLR A/C division pushing buttons to make sure the sabatoge continues in TX mobile homes “only”. 
      Not one home, not one office, not one zoo, not one real “mobile home” like travel trailers or campers or Winnabegos that have A/C are allowed to have the unheard of filter set up or TIE-IN completely missing to have a void of all metal needed to be able to tie in to ducts in any way. I have photos of the ignorant tape up job that Clayton Homes did and buried under the floor in insulation that was sealed from the bottom also per EPA rules and able to withstand the journey, just to be pulled down the road “once”. In other words SEALED VERY WELL and NEVER opened by the homeowner. The TDLR A/C division refuses to even let Clayton Homes be mentioned in any way shape or form about “any” of it.  

      No one in the entire world is subjected to the “legalized sabotage” that the TDLR A/C division has made legal for mobile homes “ONLY” and “ONLY” in Texas mobile homes. Please say your office is not controled by the power of the TDLR A/C division also? Please help the millions of the poorest people in Texas who are too busy, just trying to put food on the table and pay bills, to even realize the SCAM that is “guaranteed” to “WORK AGAINST” them. In health cost and the basic expenses of living. The things that all other Texans, who could correct and prevent the sabotage, take for granted because it is NOT A PROBLEM for them and It’s Legal.

     “Just ask the TDLR A/C division because it is “THEIR JOB” not mine” is the “ONLY” answer for it “all” that my senator or “anyone else” in Texas can give.
     The top officials that I did manage to ask at the TDLR did give me one other answer and it was “Because that is the way “WE” do it in Texas” and It’s legal.

      I do not know how to make people aware of this scam of guaranteed sabotage except to keep writing it to people and maybe one of these days it will 
    “CROSS THE RIGHT DESK” somehow. Everyone one in Texas has said the “ONLY” place to complain to about it is at the TDLR A/C division. All of them are too busy to care about the millions of Texans who have been subjected to this scam. Please help us.
      Not all builders of mobile homes in Texas still cooperate with the TDLR A/C divisions sabotage. They are the ones who picked back up their codes and ethics to stop the guaranteed negatives caused and created by the TDLR A/C divisions “mobile home only” ignorant laws. Laws that do nothing but allow sabotage. No other reason so far.

      The proof is there and very obvious like the “whites only” signs all over town. The blacks hanging by their necks while the hooded got drunk and laughed about the way they would “kick”. The signs that allowed blacks to ride “only” in the rear of the buses they were allowed to board at all. Please let me and the rest of the world, including the USA the most of all, prove how wrong this sabotage is that has been “legalized” by the TDLR A/C division for mobile homes “only”. What kind of laws do we still have that say the abuse must be segregated to the poorest of Texas “only? It is just as WRONG AS IT CAN BE.

      FACT.  Not “ONE” item can be used to say it is “OK” or “good” in any way much less SHOW why it is OK or good at all. FACT. One “item” can be used. The TDLR A/C division saying “IT’S LEGAL”. No reasons at all. No excuses at all. Only, It’s legal and that is the way we do it in Texas mobile homes “only”.

      Those are the only answers that the TDLR A/C division has given to “ANYONE” because of their ability to “ABUSE” the POWERS bestowed upon them by a TRUSTING PUBLIC and GOVERNMENT. I complained since walk through at move in to Clayton Homes. It is written on the walk through that something is wrong with the A/C because of all the dust that never goes away. That was in 2000. I got to finally get someone at TDLR because when I tried earlier in 1999 and 2000 I was told that the TDLR did not handle complaints for mobile homes. I got TDLR mobile home division phone number in 2001 from the company that Clayton Homes insisted I complain to about the set-up. I complained so much that when he gave me the # he told me it was a new thing at TDLR because I told him I already tried TDLR.
     All TDLR could say then was “it’s legal” and DUST IS NORMAL for mobile homes.
       I accidently found the void of duct and tie-in to main duct made of nothing but tape to hang the duct from in August of 2010. I complained to the TDLR mobile home division as soon as possible about my discovery of the cause of the constant dust 24/7 that all said was normal.

      I found the cause of my family breathing so-called normal dust for mobile homes for 10 years. It was insulation particles from the VOID at the missing tie-in. All of the covering up then with “IT’S LEGAL” from the TDLR A/C division was done because they thought “their sabotage set-up” was the “CAUSE” of the dust. 
      Because they know that “created dust” is “just one” of the major faults with using their sabotage set-up for filtering the HVAC systems of mobile homes “only”. 
    TDLR A/C division gave a decision back in 2001 that it was legal to improperly filter the air handler of mobile homes only. So I thought there was nothing I could do. I kept on complaining to Clayton Homes and Action Aire about it until 2010 when I “found” the cause of it all. TDLR A/C division says it is OK and “normal” for mobile homes to have massive dust. Before their decision back then the man that showed up from TDLR mobile home division saw it was not normal at all and HE WROTE IT DOWN. It was so un normal that he took pictures of open rooms to try to show on camera what he was seeing very clearly. TDLR A/C division covers it all because that is one of the symptoms of the sabotage. 

     Now TDLR A/C division wants me to drop it all because it is “too late” and it is legal anyway. It is as deadly as you can get. TDLR wants me to simply forget what got covered up and all the wrong decisions that were made then and NOW. TDLR A/C division spits in my face and says it is “OK” and LEGAL for my family to breath insulation particles for 10 years. TDLR A/C division would not let me file a suit against Clayton Homes. The builder of the deathtrap that was well hidden and never intended to be found because everyone that works on HVAC systems of mobile homes knows there is lots of “extra dust” and that keeps it normal to most when asked.

      Who cares? It’s only in mobile homes anyway right? That was made sure of by TDLR A/C division. It creates income for Texas and is “GUARANTEED” to work as long as the TDLR A/C division is able to abuse it’s power and NOT CARE about the homes and lives of the millions of mobile home owners.
      Just “make sure” it is illegal EVERY WHERE else. Just like everyone else in the world who knows what is RIGHT and what would not pass “ANYWHERE” in the world that uses HVAC systems at all.

      Why is it allowed and IGNORED when brought up to ANYONE in Texas at all? TDLR A/C division can not dispute the FACTS about this. They can “only” make you look the other way. Just like Germany did for a while with their segregation and abuse. Just like they have proven can be done in Texas if it involves big enough money and guaranteed to work. Not maybe at all. The sabotage of the system is guaranteed to occur with “NOTHING BUT THE OPERATION OF THE UNIT” because of the set-up that TDLR A/C division has “invented” for mobile homes “only”.

      Tim Glover
      5290 Goforth Road
      Kyle, Texas 78640