Mayor Bloomberg Invokes ‘American Dream’ While Reiterating Opposition To Living Wage Bill

Mayor Michael Bloomberg explained his opposition to the “Fair Wages For New Yorkers Act,” also known as the “Living Wage Bill,” at a press conference celebrating the new taxi bill in Inwood today. In response to a question from The Politicker, Mayor Bloomberg said he’d be willing to “take a look at” at a modified version of the bill, but he thinks New York needs to stay consistent with the federal minimum wage and the rate in neighboring states. He also believes working long hours for low pay is a key part of the “American dream.”

“Fundamentally, I believe that the marketplace has got to set these things, we’re in competition with other cities,” Mayor Bloomberg said. “I would love to have everybody who has a job in this city get well paid and have all sorts of benefits.I think it is also practical to say that there are jobs that just would never support those kinds of benefits and the economics just dont work in those industries.” Read More