Mayor of New Work City Issues Challenge

nws foursq Mayor of New Work City Issues Challenge

No one mayor should have all that power.

Leo Newball has held the title of mayor (on Foursquare) of Soho’s cozy coworking cave New Work City. Who is Leo? his website asks. A web developer who is into design and data, his website answers. And Foursquare, apparently. But Mr. Newball is tired of going unchallenged.

“Beginning December 1st, 2011 I will not Foursquare Check-in to New Work City, until January 2nd, 2012,” he writes on the NWC blog. “On that date, at 12:12pm, whomever is the current mayor of New Work City on Foursquare will be crowned the winner and enjoy a month of the lavish Foursquare Mayor life.” The race is on!