Monday: The Peanut Gallery

We’ve been particularly aware of food allergies ever since that fateful day we were called upon to stab cousin Rita in the chest with an epi-pen. Who knew there were trace amounts of pecan in that bourbon reduction sauce? Anyway, in our opinion, it simply isn’t fair that anyone should have to suffer through life without enjoying the full spectrum of epicurean delights! Ever since, we’ve championed gastronomic equality by supporting food allergy research, so there’s no way we’re missing the annual Food Allergy Ball. While there may be some coughing, even sneezing—but hopefully no seizing (though, medics are on hand)—this is no down-market affair. Co-chaired by one of New York’s wealthiest men, David Koch (whose son suffers from severe food allergies, it turns out), the well-heeled guest list won’t fail to give a shock. Fortunately not of the anaphylactic variety.
Fourteenth Annual Food Allergy Ball, The Waldorf-Astoria, 301 Park Avenue. Tickets, from $1,000, available by calling 212-627-1000 or visiting