Morning Read: Facebook Troubles for NYPD; Tax Deal Details; Quinn Holds The Line

NYPD officers appear to have been using a Facebook forum to make racist and offensive comments about the West Indian Day Parade.

Trustees at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum urged their fellow board members to support Andrew Cuomo’s re-election bid. The museum is trying to expand.

Cuomo will veto a bill to allow livery cabs to pick up street hails unless it is amended to require that every medallion in a new batch of yellow cabs be specifically for taxis accessible to the disable, The Daily News reports.

Christine Quinn has vowed to reject Bloomberg administration efforts to hike property taxes.

The jury in the Larry Seabrook corruption case is at an impasse.

Andrew Cuomo laid out his case for tax reform based on “fairness.”

According to Fred Dicker, the new agreement will allow an 8.97 percent temporary  state income-tax rate on high-wage earners to expire, while setting up a series of tax rates above 6.85 percent for millionaires that grow progressively higher at $500,000 increments from $1 million to $2.5 million in earnings. Reductions for those who make under $125,000 are also on the table.

Democrats want an extra revenue to go towards education; Republicans want a reserve fund to offset future budget cuts.

Mayor Bloomberg reacted cooly to the proposal.

Higher taxes haven’t meant spurred the wealthy to leave New York.

The state is holding on to $667 million in funds to rebuild Lower Manhattan that it has yet to spend.

Cornell West made a star turn at a Harlem school.

Tish James said that a methadone clinic in her district has become a haven for drug-dealers.

A deal for David Paterson’s papers to be archived at Cornell has fallen apart.

The MTA is installing cameras and driver partitions on hundreds of buses after a string of violent incidents.

Tens of thousands of ballots were thrown out last year for being improperly filled out.

A John Liu audit found that the Parks Dept lost nearly $9 million due to an inefficient system of awarding contracts.