Morning Read: Liu Supporters Rally; The End of Espada; Bloomberg vs. Cuomo, Take 2

Prominent members of the Chinese-American community held a hastily-scheduled press conference to show their support for John Liu .“Yesterday’s paper showed that Danny Chen suffered racism, bigotry and abuse,” said Virginia M. Kee, a founding member of the Chinese-American Planning Council. “I see another assassination. This is a character assassination. Worse than death, you lose your good name.”

Liu insisted he is still running for mayor.

Bloomberg vs. Cuomo, Round 2. City officials are looking to pull out from Emblem Health, the city’s not for-profit insurer, just as Gov. Cuomo is trying to convert it to a for-profit outfit.

The state task force charged with redrawing legislative districts will count prisoners in their home districts and not where their jail is located, a blow to Senate Republicans. Read More