The Most Google’d Terms of 2011 Are…

googlesecret1 The Most Googled Terms of 2011 Are...

Finally! The people will learn...some stuff.

How many do you know? How many did you Google? You know you’re going to hate whatever comes next. So, just, like, brace yourself.

Via Reuters, the most Google’d search terms of 2011 are:

10. iPad 2
9. Steve Jobs
8. TepCo
7. Adele
6. iPhone 5
5. Battlefield 3
4. Casey Anthony
3. Ryan Dunn
2. Google Plus
1. Rebecca Black.

Some notes on these:

– Only one of the two singers is an actual singer, and she didn’t even make the top of the list.
– Steve Jobs, who died this year, revolutionized the personal computer and telephone. Ryan Dunn, who died this year, revolutionized sticking a toy car up his ass, and outpaced both the iPhone and Steve Jobs.
– And for the record, the iPhone 5 still doesn’t exist. Yes: The world searched something above everything else that doesn’t even exist, in name or concept. That’s crazy.
– Everything on the internet is awful.