n+1 Editor Nikil Saval Sells History of the Office to Doubleday

typingpool n+1 Editor Nikil Saval Sells History of the Office to Doubledayn+1 editor Nikil Saval has sold a history of the office to Doubleday in a “significant deal,” or low- to mid-six figures, in Publisher’s Marketplace speak.

Acquiring editor Gerry Howard edited James Wolcott’s recent memoir and was an early champion of David Foster Wallace.

The agent, Edward Orloff at McCormick & Williams, has previously secured book deals for n+1 contributors Wesley Yang and Jayce Clayton.

Mr. Saval’s book, called Office Space: The Cubicle Dweller’s History of the American Workplace, is described as  “an investigation into the relationship between office design and human happiness and productivity, starting with the smoke one-room offices of the 19th century and culminating in the radical spaces of the dot-com era and beyond.”

He published an essay on the same topic in n+1 in 2008. It is not available online because it’s too valuable.


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