N+1 to Lower Average Age of NYRB Singles by 20 Years

Brooklyn literary journal N+1 has brokered a personal ads swap with The New York Review of Books.

The partnership is something of a May-December affair. The New York Review of Books classifieds are a longstanding institution of eccentric and eloquent lonely hearts, and N+1, a newcomer on the personals scene, has quickly become the go-to site for twenty- and thirtysomethings for whom a firm stance on the Oxford comma and Irigaray is the same as having a personality.

With any luck, the partnership will encourage both groups to date outside their peer groups and zip codes. (Such homogeneity ended in disappointment for one N+1 single.)

For example, today N+Personals posted a listing for “The Spunky Realist,” a 69 year-old L.A. resident.

“I’d ask for fit and handsome but let’s be real,” she wrote. “Must have sense of humor, read a lot, passionate about eating, napping, my sweet doggie, and a low energy lifestyle,” she wrote.

On the other hand, a glimpse into the advanced single life of might just make N+1 readers abandon their absurd deal breakers and love the one they’re with.

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